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On-page optimisation refers to actions on the site to improve search engine rankings and earn organic traffic. It involves optimisation of site content, images, title tag, H tag, meta tag & more. It makes search engines and users understand the content better.



Off Page SEO

Off-page optimisation refers to actions behind the site that impact the rankings of the website in search engine results pages (SERPs). It includes building backlinks, increasing social media engagement, encouraging branded searches & more. It enhances the site’s authority, trust and relevance.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to actions that impact a site’s indexing and crawling by search engines. It involves site speed optimisation, structured data, creating XML sitemaps, canonicalization & more. It results in easy indexing by Google and also enhances user experience.


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All businesses need to get leads and meet their business goals to successfully run, especially an online business. But, in order to get leads, their website needs to rank at the top in search results. As there is a lot of competition online, ranking on the top pages doesn’t happen all by itself, it requires SEO.

An SEO specialist is an experienced person who knows how Google ranks a website. We being SEO specialists know the behind story of the ranking process and understand Google’s algorithm. We use our knowledge and experience to optimise websites and rank them better. We plan SEO campaigns for our clients’ websites in order to boost their website rankings and bring targeted traffic to their sites. Our digital marketing strategy and SEO efforts focus on bringing relevant online users to the site. Ethical SEO strategy and SEO techniques followed by us made us listed among the best SEO companies. Contact us for affordable SEO marketing services and social media advertising.

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Driving traffic to your site the right way

Our SEO agency in Melbourne plans an SEO campaign and works on it with a lot of focus and distinction, ensuring our digital marketing services bring business to the clients. After years of working on hundreds of websites, we’ve prepared a list of checkpoints for a perfect SEO. Our digital marketing company is a pure white hat SEO agency Melbourne and among the top SEO agency.

We practice a completely white hat SEO by improving user experience rather than using black hat SEO tactics by manipulating Google’s algorithm to improve rankings. Black Hat SEO brings quick traffic by making Google think that the site provides comparatively more value to the users than it does, which is deceptive. Google penalises websites that involve these shady tactics to increase their Google rankings. Hence, we follow the search engine’s terms of service and plan strategies accordingly, which is called white hat SEO. It may be a long-term process, but it’s beneficial in future.

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SEO is the key to ranking at the top in search engines. A good SEO increases online visibility, driving organic traffic to the website. The more people visit the site, the more are leads, and the better are the chances to provide the services & products to a large number of people.

Optimisation of the website to the top positions on Google makes people view your site first. Search engine evaluators say that majority of people don’t even visit other pages. So, if your website doesn’t rank at the top, then there are lower chances to get leads and selling a service or product to the people. Get your website SEO optimised to rank it on the top page, generating more customers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to begin the process of ranking your site at the top and dominating other businesses in your industry.

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Deep Strategy is a reputed digital marketing agency in Australia. We are a team of dedicated SEO experts who plan SEO strategies and design innovative solutions to help businesses grow and prosper. Our SEO company has worked for many clients and optimised their websites. We aim to generate higher leads, higher Google rankings and more organic traffic to our client’s website.

We are one of the best SEO Melbourne company and plan unique SEO strategy for each client. Many SEO agencies in Australia claim to provide the best SEO services, but our SEO results speak for themselves. We increase the SEO rankings of your business website so that you see a boost in your business online. Almost all of our SEO Melbourne was successful, and our clients saw a boost in their search rankings and business growth. Our SEO work on their site increased their search position and brought relevant traffic. All our clients are happy with our Melbourne SEO services and named us a trusted SEO company. 

Don’t trust our words? Join our client family and witness it yourself.

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Our SEO company Melbourne is known as the best SEO company because of the fruitful results we serve our clients. People in Australia prefer our Melbourne SEO agency for their businesses because of our enthusiasm for our work. As an SEO consultant, we analyze our client’s target market and determine the industry competition. We then find the keywords with higher search volume and plan out the best strategy for their SEO success.

Our experience helps us design the right campaign and make our client’s website effortlessly rank on the top pages. We work with a lot of dedication in ranking our client’s websites, be they small business owners or large industries. We ensure to bring business to our clients to their full potential. Our SEO Melbourne experts do local SEO, online marketing, eCommerce SEO, set up google my business & more. We also provide free SEO audit.

Contact us to know our SEO cost and SEO locations. Our service is available all over Australia.


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