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    Are You Missing Out?

    SEO is one of the most powerful forms of online marketing for local business. According to a recent study, 86% of people rely on the internet to find a local business. Where do you think they're searching to find you? - Google.

    Another study found that 31.24% of all clicks go to the top organic search result in Google, with the bottom of first page hardly getting 1% of clicks. So if you're not even ranking on the first page of Google, you basically don't exist in the online eco-system.

    Where we come in

    At Deep Strategy, we're all about NO BS online marketing. We specialise in SEO and we've got it down to a science. Think about it... If you're suffering from a serious terminal illness, do you visit your local GP or a specialist?

    We've helped numerous clients who've burn't thousands of dollars outsourcing their SEO to offshore digital marketing agencies. Don't be that company...

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    ROI is everything

    We don't trap our clients on long term contracts. So results is what keeps them around. From the strategy to execution, our entire approach is focused around, how to get our client's an ROI.

    We know business' don't care about fancy reports but rather calls and sales that directly impact their bottomline. If this sounds like you then you need to get in touch with us. Let's discuss your goals and see how we can take your business to the next level.

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    Why We're Different

    Guaranteed Results

    No more getting burn't. Ask us about our SEO guarantee. T&C Apply*

    No Lock-In Contracts

    We work month to month. Our results keep clients around.

    Long Term Growth

    Our SEO is engineered for sustainable, long term growth.

    ROI Matters to Us

    You invest in SEO to earn an ROI... Unlike others, we get that.

    Only Specialise in SEO

    We've got SEO down to a science. That's what we are - SEO scientists.

    We're Local

    Based in Melbourne. Although, we've ranked clients Australia wide.

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    Speak to us to become our next success story

    What if we could change your idea about what's possible with SEO. The results above are just the tip of the iceberg. We've ranked clients in some of the most competitive industries out there.

    If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, then let's get started on your success.

    Don’t Believe Us? Ask Them

    “Key Factor To Our Success.”

    Deep Strategy was one of the key factors to our SEO success. Since starting with them our organic traffic has grown immensely!

    Samir Malik

    CEO & Founder

    “We've Had To Grow Our Staff.”

    We've been working with Deep Strategy for over 4 years now. Since getting us on the first page we've had to grow our staff and expand our business.

    Halil Gokler

    Managing Director

    “Fantastic team to work with!”

    I engaged Deep Strategy to improve our online presence in our local region. They've done a fantastic job and we're already seeing massive ranking improvements.

    Cameron Horn

    Head Solictor

    Pricing Plans

    No lock-in contracts. SEO Guarantee With All Packages. Local SEO team.
    Can’t decide the right package? Click here to speak to an SEO specialist.

    Small Business



    Ideal for business'
    in medium competition industries
    targeting suburbs in 1 region.

    20-40 Keywords tracked

    Website Optimisation

    Link Building

    Content Creation

    Google My Business Optimisation

    Business Plus / Popular



    Ideal for business'
    in highly competitive industries
    targeting suburbs in 1-2 regions.

    40-60 Keywords tracked

    Website Optimisation

    Link Building

    Content Creation

    Google My Business Optimisation




    Ideal for business'
    who want to dominate their industries
    or target Australia wide.

    60-100 Keywords tracked

    Website Optimisation

    Link Building

    Content Creation

    Google My Business Optimisation

    Most Common FAQ's

    How long does SEO take?

    SEO is a long term marketing strategy but usually by the end of the 3rd month you should start to see significant movement in the rankings. By the 6-8th month mark, most clients are pulling in leads/sales and working towards an ROI. The longer you continue SEO, the more your ROI will grow.Speak to us to give you a more accurate timeframe for your specific industry.

    Do you provide web design, social media or PPC marketing services?
    Do you offer any guarantees?
    Do I need to sign a contract?
    Which SEO package should I choose?
    Is website fixes included in the SEO package?

    Ready to get started?

    We've got very limited spots in each industry. Speak to us today and let's discuss your business goals and how we can smash them.

    Our SEO Adelaide Strategy

    Our strategy for SEO in Adelaide for our clients is based on our tried and tested blueprint for ranking sites. This strategy is the result of looking at over 500+ SEO ranking factors, testing and experimenting what works and our connections with some of the smartest SEO minds in the world.

    Over the years, we’ve helped our clients transform their business’ through SEO. Below is the exact formula we’ve mastered to get our clients dominating the first page of Google. When we say “dominate”, we mean that it’s not uncommon to see our clients ranking multiple websites or multiple listings on the first page for their industry, capturing a large chunk of real estate on the first page.

    Our SEO Adelaide Strategy

    When you choose your SEO package Adelaide, we’ll get in touch with you for the first consultation call. This is where we discuss your goals, where you want to see your business and what areas of your business you wish to grow. We want to understand your business, get to know your ideal customer straight from you. Based on the answers to our questions, we’ll be able to devise the ideal SEO strategy in Adelaide to push your website on the first page for the right keywords.

    Keyword & Topical Research

    Once we know the regions you’re looking to rank in, the services you want to promote, then we’ll get started on researching and studying your competition. More than likely, your competitors have already done a lot of the research for you, so we’ll be looking to see where we can steal your competitor’s success’ and look for loopholes in their strategy. Once we’ve finalised the ideal keywords, we move onto the on-page audit, keyword mapping and content strategy.

    On-page SEO Adelaide

    What differenciates the good SEOs from the BEST is how well they do their on-page optimisations. Google’s algorithm looks at over 500+ ranking factors, many of them being on your website. Our team will get to work optimising your website for the keywords we’ve finalised.

    We use state-of-the-art SEO tools to analyse your website’s current on-page and make the necessary improvements to give you that edge above your competitors. This is usually where we find a ton of mistakes and over-optimisations conducted by dodge SEO companies that our clients may have engaged with in the past. If that sounds like you, we’ve got you covered.

    Off Page SEO Services

    Google was first founded on the fact that it was one of the first search engines to use backlinks from one website to another as a means to accurately rank pages for keyword search results based on relevance.

    Basically, what that means is that if the Australian Health Department is linking to your local chiropractic business, then you earn a lot of respect in Google’s eyes and their algorithm understands that when it comes to chiropractic services, your business is the one to rank on the top of the first page.

    Our link building strategy revolves around numerous factors that are all integral to ranking our clients in Google. We’ll be building you some of the most powerful, relevant and trusted backlinks that are architected to get your ranking. Based on your SEO packages Adelaide, the number of backlinks will differ but the more quality backlinks pointing to your site the better you’ll rank.

    Sticking On Your SEO Packages Adelaide

    Adelaide SEO is completely built around these two factors – on-page and off-page SEO. Once we’ve implemented these strategies on your business, it’s all about link velocity and staying consistent with your SEO package every month. Within the next 6-12 months, we’ll take your business from not even appearing in the first 10 pages to dominating the first page of Google.